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11 Nov : 19:51
I doubt it. I don't know how many we actually have playing but I have a feeling it's not that many.

11 Nov : 14:36
Different topic. Is BBYC gonna raid the new raid in 7.3.5?

I’m pugging low mythics and playing some arena now. Miss a good guild.

06 Nov : 14:04
I created a forum thread regarding this. A vote is also connected =)

04 Nov : 21:52
(@bjorn been playing warrior tank with my wife, leveling. But missed the priest now doing arena 2v2 with my wife and mythic . Playing disc or holy. Love it, but miss a decent guild.)

04 Nov : 21:50
WoW Classic!! Ok which server. I want in. Never killed C’thun at 60. And only 1 boss in Naxx.

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